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I was always scared of the Paranormal. Then I started listening to a podcast upon my wife’s recommendation that was all about the paranormal. These folks explained things in a way that removed the fear and helped me understand that I did not need to be afraid of spirits, just respectful of them. I began to ask questions. A lot of questions! As I continue to study and investigate, the questions don’t stop coming either. Now I find the spirit world more and more fascinating rather than scary. I love to educate others on what I have learned as well. Eventually, I joined the team and was even a host on that same podcast for awhile.

One night at Benson Grist Mill, a friend / fellow investigator introduced me to dowsing rods. I was extremely skeptical at first, but decided to have an open mind, and give them a try. By the end of the night, they had worked so well, I did not want to give them back. Now they are my go-to investigation tool, and I even make them.

When not investigating or teaching others about the paranormal, I like to spend time with my wife, daughter, and our little Westie on whatever adventures we can muster. Whether it’s Scottish festivals, sporting events, trips to Vegas, or just hanging out in the backyard.